Before Splash Day

Please print out and complete the  Teacher Notice of Disclosure Form and the Teacher Release Form. You will need to present both forms at Teacher Check-In before you are permitted to go to your classroom. Additionally, you will be required to attend one teacher training on either March 18th or 19th at 6:00 in Greenlaw 301.

What is Splash UNC?

Splash UNC is an educational enrichment program which lets intellectually curious high school students take a series of short classes at UNC-Chapel Hill. Classes are taught by Carolina students one Saturday a semester.

How does it work?

Splash students get a taste of college by spending one Saturday on the UNC-Chapel Hill campus. High schoolers sign up for up to six classes through our online registration portal. Students have the opportunity to discover new interests in short, fun classes about anything from neuroscience to origami. The program fee is $20 and includes class materials and lunch. Students on free and reduced lunch at their high schools are eligible for financial aid scholarships.

Why should I teach a class?

Teachers gain experience developing a curriculum and can test their teaching and leadership skills on highly motivated students. The program is fun and easy. Our teachers are knowledgeable and are ready to share what they love with their students. The best classes are those that are taught by teachers who study a subject or have an interest they just can’t stop talking about.

You can teach a lecture class about programming algorithms, an interactive electronics class, or maybe even teach yoga or martial arts to a small group of students. If you need special supplies for your class, we even have resources available to help you procure them.

As a Splash teacher, you can:

  • pick your own class topic and design your own curriculum
  • choose the length and size of your class (minimum of 10 students, 45 or 1 hour and 40 minute class blocks, must teach at least two sections, can be one section of two different classes)
  • set grade level enrollment requirements for your class (between 9th and 12th)
  • co-teach with friends and peers (up to three co-teachers allowed)
  • request to have class supplies funded (up to $30)

Our administrative team would love to help you with class preparation, tips, and tricks. If you want inspiration for classes, you can view the course catalogs of past Splash UNC classes here. All teachers also receive a free t-shirt, breakfast, and lunch during the program.

What are the requirements to teach a Splash class?

As a Splash UNC teacher you must:

  • Be passionate and knowledgeable about your class’s subject
  • Fill out an online profile and submit your course name and description
  • Submit a brief syllabus outlining how you plan to structure your class (Template can be found here)
  • Attend a joint teacher training session and sexual assault prevention workshop from the UNC-Chapel Hill’s Protection of Minors coordinator
  • Show up and teach at least two class sections the day of Splash UNC

Who are the high school students that attend Splash UNC?

The program is open to students in grades 9 through 12 or home school students in equivalent grades. Students come from all across the state and attend public, private, charter, and home schools. The students pay a $20 fee to attend the program, but financial aid scholarships are offered to students on free and reduced lunch.

How else can I help out?

Teachers are encouraged to volunteer when they are not teaching a class. More information about volunteering can be found here. You can also lead a walk-in activity, a class that does not require students to sign up in advance. Learn more about walk-in activities here.

We would also appreciate your help publicizing Splash UNC events at your high school and sharing program announcements with high-school-aged friends and relatives on social media or in person.