What is Splash UNC?

Splash UNC is an educational enrichment program which lets intellectually curious high school students take a series of short classes at UNC-Chapel Hill. Classes are taught by Carolina students one Saturday a semester.

How does it work?

Splash students get a taste of college by spending one Saturday on the UNC-Chapel Hill campus. High schoolers sign up for up to six classes through our online registration portal. Students have the opportunity to discover new interests in short, fun classes about anything from neuroscience to origami. The program fee is $20 and includes class materials and lunch. Students on free and reduced lunch at their high schools are eligible for financial aid scholarships to cover the $20 program fee. T-shirts are also available for purchase for $10.

Who is eligible to attend Splash UNC?

The program is open to students in grades 9 through 12 or home school students in equivalent grades.

Why should students attend Splash UNC?

Our program is an amazing out-of-class engagement opportunity for students and parents. Students get to explore new topics outside of the traditional high school curriculum and engage with college students who are passionate about their courses of study. Splash UNC is an excellent opportunity for students to learn what they can study at college and can provide students who are unsure about their plans after graduation with insights into college life and possible career paths.

How can I help out?

Help from educators publicizing Splash UNC events at their schools is appreciated. Hanging a flyer in your classroom or office can help raise awareness. You can also share the program with fellow faculty and staff at your school with high-school-aged children.