Our Story

The Splash program was created by students at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in 1957 so they could make a difference in their community by sharing their knowledge and creativity with local high school students. The program has since grown to over 30 universities in 12 states and the UK, which are all mentored by our parent organization, Learning Unlimited. Splash UNC welcomed 80 students to our first program in spring 2015. At our most recent program, 850 high school students and 150 parents were in attendance.

The ultimate goal of Splash UNC is to impart students with a love of learning in a stress free, dynamic, and fun atmosphere. The program aims to expand the academic horizons of high school students through fun classes that emphasize the passion and enthusiasm of our student teachers. We hope to encourage young adults from North Carolina and beyond to explore their interests and engage their curiosities, and in doing so, develop a genuine love of learning. We are strong believers that the pursuit of knowledge can be contagious and that our student teachers can make a genuine difference in the lives of our Splash students.